Devils and Beauty at Panama´s Patriot Holidays

Panama Casco Viejo
Casco Antiguo Panama
Lifestyle and Real Estate at Panama`s Historic City

November is a crazy month at Panama, full of patriot days (which means tons of holidays!) and parades. The summary would include: Nov 3rd (separation from Colombia), 4th (Flag Day), 5th (Colòn`s Day / as in the City of Colón, not Columbus), 10th (Los Santos scream of Independence) and the 28th (our only “real” independence, from Spain).  This year, all the parades where at Casco Viejo, Panama`s UNESCO World Heritage Site. More exactly, under my balcony!  I could feel my heart shacking with the drums, and my poor dog didn´t know what was going on.  And there is so much to tell about these special dates!

Did you know Panama is probably one of the few countries in the World that managed to get 2 independences-separations without spilling a drop of blood? That says a lot for our nation and describes our non violent personality.   It was all a big negotiation, as we are a country with a privileged geographic position for trading and commerce.  Therefore, our heritage is diversity, a delicious Sunday soup where everything mixes to provide the best flavor and nutritious value!

If you don´t believe me … check these photos! they are from this past weekend (with exception of the diablico sucio).

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