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Phase two of Cinta Costera at Casco Viejo seems to be almost ready. The street  opened temporarily for the Patriot Parade this past weekend, which covered most of San Felipe and ended up at Cinta Costera. Again, and just as we did on the previous Cinta along Balboa, we (Chispa and I) claimed the record of the first Casco Viejo dog to “inaugurate” the green areas properly.

I did have a bag! but the Cinta had no garbage cans… classic.


They are still working on the parking, which is now half underground instead of full underground. Also the Mercado de Mariscos area seems to be full speed ahead, building the space for the new pier. In the meantime, the old pier is still working, probably will be the last piece of the puzzle to move.

While a controversial project, there is no doubt that the Cinta Costera phase 2 will provide with an important support to this 300 year old Colonial City in terms of public parking and easy access.  While phase 3 is still on plans, it is being based on the construction of a  tunnel in order  to comply with UNESCO`s regulations.

These photos are from last Saturday and from the public bidding documents of the Ministry of Public Works.

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