International Flights 10 minutes away from Casco Viejo!

Casco Viejo Panama
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Reaching pretty much any corner in the country by plane is an easy task if you base in Casco Viejo, Panama`s World Heritage Site, located ten minutes away from Albrook airport (a former US military airport) at the former Canal Zone.  And now, according to today`s note at Capital Financiero,  you`ll be able to easily reach international destinations through Albrook such as Costa Rica and South America.

Aeroperlas Regional/ TACA have decided to challenge COPA (Panama`s main and highly successful airline) and go for international flights.  They`ve already started acquiring their equipment: Cessna Grand Caravan and ATR 42/300.  Although their goal is to start operating these flights in 2011, their plans depend on getting international certifications and on having the government certify Albrook as an international airport, which would be an alternative to current Tocumen airport.



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