Korean Binari Drums in Casco Viejo

We where having cocktails the other night at Plaza Bolivar, Casco Viejo, enjoying the pleasant night under the stars when suddenly all hell broke loose. But with rhythm and enthusiasm!

Of course, curiosity did kill the cat (died knowing?), so I had to go take a look. The street in front of the National Theatre was packed around a group of drum musicians from Korea. I asked one of the people around me, “what is going on”? and he showed me his flyer “Binari” Korean Music. I have to say the powerful sound was overwhelming at the beginning, but after your ears got used to it, the energy it spread out was great! It had something of a carnival ambiance (especially with everyone in the street), and somehow I felt for a moment that maybe Asia and America where probably closer in their hearts than most would admit.

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