Casco stars in a new book by Ken Milburn

Is it a photo or a painting?  That’s the question you’ll ask yourself as you turn the pages slowly in photographer Ken Milburn’s newest book, Panama City’s Casco Viejo, Fast Rising Bohemian Community. For fun, try guessing the actual location of the photos, some are easy, others will take awhile, and there will be one that will take an expert to figure out.  The majority of the photos were taken with a technique called HDR processing which expands the visible tonal range in a photographic image so it more closely resembles all the shades of brightness and color we are able to see with our eyes.

If you want to see a copy, contact Ken Milburn directly at  The next time I travel, I think I’ll slip my copy into the suitcase.  When friends ask to see where I live, watching their expressions as they turn the pages will say it all. Thanks Ken for capturing Casco Antiguo’s essence.


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