Rainbow Morning at Casco Viejo

Raindrops are falling on my head… Well, it was quite a rain in Casco Viejo! half asleep, I went to my morning trainning, sort of half paying attention trying not to get too wet.  But suddenly, there it was! a beautiful, long rainbow.  Of course, my cellphone isn´t the best one to take this photo, but I had to do something!

It stood there, shinning bright, for about half hour (enough to brighten my workout!), and then left, with its promise of a pot full of gold and little green people with strange hats.

So that you don´t get too dissapointed with my bad photo, I´m including another rainbow (from last year) and more “rain & beach” related photos.


  1. Wow, I have never seen a rainbow in Panama City before. Great pic!

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