Dance Month in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama isn´t known for having an organized art season or opera or ballet season. Other than the National Concert Association, all other shows are privately organized.  However, Casco Viejo has started to become a center of gravity for most art events in Panama and this month dancers have felt its pulling effect.

Last week, Panama´s National Ballet Company presented among other pieces Chopiniana at the National Theatre, the entrance was free. This upcoming weekend, DanzaNova will be inaugurating their dance program with children of the neighborhood. The event will be on Sunday, at 6 p.m. at Galería San Felipe (Calle 2nda).

Then is the mega production of the Wizard of Oz, also by a Casconian and dancer (well, actually first dancer and then Casconian!) Analida Galindo. The production will have more than a 100 artists on stage and will be held at the National Theatre.

And finally, at the ends of May (I believe the 24th) the Argentinian Embassy will present a fantastic Tango and Piazolla performance where Astor Piazolla´s grandson will interpret his famous grandfather.

Waving the flag for other arts this month there is the art show by Cartooch at Espacio Panama (Galeria San Felipe) which will be showing throughout the month.

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