Monthly Archives: May 2010

Canal Zone nostalgia at Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama has always had a controversial relationship with the Canal. Today, Casco Viejo has taken a step to remember and connect! Continue reading

Winning over Poverty: one Woman at a time

For some time now, Fundacion Calicanto at Casco Viejo (Panama) has been carrying out an experimental program at the colonial district. The goal, to effectively break the cycle of poverty. Their target: women. Their belief: by changin a woman, you change a family and affect a society. The cost: $900 per woman. How? keep reading… Continue reading

Business and Sports Hub: Panama

Panama is tackling areas that have beautiful sustainable by products: education and opportunities. Continue reading

Dance Month in Casco Viejo, Panama

Panama isn´t known for having an organized art season or opera or ballet season. Other than the National Concert Association, all other shows are privately organized. However, Casco Viejo has started to become a center of gravity for most art events in Panama and this month dancers have felt its pulling effect. Continue reading