Real Estate Report 2009- Casco Viejo, Panama

Casco Antiguo2009 Was a unique year for Casco Antiguo in many ways, probably a unique year world wide but more on the “interesting” side of things as the Chinese proverb goes.  Now that we can look back and analyze what happened, here are our thoughts based on the statistics we keep at Arco Properties:

Buyers continued to support properties that had strong fundamentals: uniqueness, location, water views if possible. It was a very active year for rentals, both on residential and commercial, but with a stronger commercial side. Almost every commercial space in Casco Viejo got rented, especially if it had the ability to have a kitchen, as almost 20 new businesses opened during 2009 countering a very few (around 5) from 2008. See the Casco Viejo Business Directory HERE

Both old and new businesses started to create a buzz on the local Panamanian market about Casco. More than ever, we´ve seen young Panamanians re discovering Casco Viejo, having a great time, and coming back with more friends. This marks a historic turning point of attitude that is injecting new energy to businesses and nightlife.

Another historic mark this year was… read FULL STORY HERE

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