Dentist plus carnival: the way to clean your teeth

Party with us in Panama

Taking to an American friend the other day while having tea in Casco Viejo, I realized not everyone´s teeth are the same… nor the same cost. When she told me how much she paid to get hers cleanned and/ or worked out I almost freaked … girl! you could be partying in Panama all through carnival with that kind of money!

This afternoon I´m visiting my dentist, which I´m proud to say is the only top of the line expense I have in my life. Well, the other one is my dog, I´ll do anything for my Chispa. And my husband. Humm… now that I think about it, I do have quite some expenses! no disclosure on who comes in first…

But seriously, cleaning my teeth with a US trainned Panamanian top on his career dentist is $60.  For fixing her teeth which had a hairline crack with great care was something close to $350.  In the States, she commented, this would be easily $1500. Maybe a $1000 since she could bargain a bit.  This equals some serious partying at Carnival … and still get your teeth worked out!

Seriously, think about it. Carnivals are coming! starting on the 12th of February… where do you rather be?


  1. nice article and story. Easy way for dentists to promote themselves also

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