Party at Casco Viejo, skateboard in hand

Any given day you walk around 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Plaza Francia, Casco Viejo (Panama´s old quarter) and you´ll see a number of young kids practicing skateboarding like crazy. In the same space (I don´t know how they manage) they also play football or street beisball. The kids really go at it, slamming themselves agains stairs, walls, floor. Standing up like nothing has happened, undusting and straight back at it.

They are yearning for a proper skateboard park. For this reason, artist and Casco Antiguo residents Cristine and Dom organized a party last night to gather funds and start lobbying for a designed skateboard park. It was a cheerful event! skaters from all ages where happy moving around the ruins of the old Club Union, going up and down ramps… fabulous!

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