Eco Christmas! newspaper christmas tree and gifts

It was an old friend of my brother who introduced me back in the early 90´s to newspaper wrapping and I never really drifted from it.  She made the most incredible designs with the newspaper and rope bows, which I´m still trying to go after.

Throughout the years I want to think I´ve “evolved” in my own little style. I pick through the year photos in the newspaper that catched my attention, especially if they define well a person I know. So for me, Christmas starts quite early!  I like it because it makes me think about my beloved ones all year through.

This year, I included a new element: the newspaper Christmas Tree.  I decorated it with garbage from the beach and light blue plastic bags.  My dog destroyed a pillow, so I got the cotton balls out and used them as well. Here is a photo of my Christmas tree on the works.   This week I´ll post the final “masterpiece”….

Here are the wrappings that I thought where best… I hope it gets you inspired!

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