Balcony to Balcony Lifestyle in Casco Antiguo

When I lived in Calle 3era (Casco Viejo, Panama) I remember this old lady on a rocking chair that spent her entire day rocking herself one way to the other, enjoying the breeze. Nothing would escape her eyes and her funny comments. If you needed to know where Pedro was, she could tell you in a second. Has your kid arrived? not yet. If the guy selling tamales passed by, she would scream to the guy and pull down a basket with the $0.25 to buy one.

Last night, as I was visiting a friend that lives in A Avenue and 4th, it was great to see how this traditional “balcony lifestyle” was so naturally taken by the young Casconians. We where having a small party for her parents, and with all the doors open, we where chatting with the neighbors of the building in front. Eventually, they stepped down and joinned us.


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