Monthly Archives: November 2009

Medicare Coverage in Panama

Countries like Panama, where finding US graduated doctors is common, costs for operations are significantly less and where hospitals like John Hopkins backing up a high quality level, offer the best platform to extend the coverage. Continue reading

“Chic” Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo is one of this places where everything mix. Bohemian, authentic, slick and chic, everyone co exists and you would almost say it wouldn´t be the same without it. Continue reading

Sucessful cities have Feng Shui

When building a city, many elements are taking in consideration: healthy site, ventilation, strong foundations…whether in modern times or 500 years ago, common sense has ruled and succeeded. Elements that are common to the ancient Feng Shui knowledge. Continue reading

Gang Style or Not: choices in Casco Viejo

The hair issue in Casco Antiguo… Continue reading