Historic City Cleans Up

For a while, garbage has been one of Casco Antiguo´s main challenges. The lack of education in the local community, along with the few resources of the City´s garbage department has been a negative combination.

During the last 10 years, Casco Antiguo has slowly gone through a revitalization process that has brought new people into the mix. This year, having a small critical mass of new residents, Casco Antiguo saw the birth of a community NGO called AVACA (the Casco Antiguo Friends and Residents Association, in Spanish) which has started to tackle the most important issues, garbage being in the top three.

This Sunday, the first public event of AVACA took place at Casco Antiguo. It was burning hot, but a cheerful crowd made it to the parking lot of the National Theatre, grabbed their tools and attacked the nearby beaches.


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