Can´t Save Yourself From Love

This has been an intense week for international piano star Danilo Perez and his wife and music therapist Patricia Perez. Fundación Danilo Perez has not only launched the next Panama Jazz Festival 2010, but also announced their program Music For Change… and received an award from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington for all the work he´s been doing in Panama with children.  He was also appointed artistic director at the Global Institute of Jazz of Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Danilo and Patricia are all about positive energy.

Their passion is simple and deep: to raise the level of music education in Panama and transform through it the lives of children at social risk. The jazz festival is only a platform to achieve this goal, but what a platform! Last year, close to 20,000 people enjoyed the festival. About 650 students went to the clinics, scholarships where given, for a week, Panama was turned into a Cultural Hub.

For Danilo, Panama is the perfect spot to nurture jazz. With an almost caleidoscopic culture….  SEE FULL STORY HERE

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