Be Organic, Build With Bones

Everyone has been trying to figure out how to be greener than the neighbor. The web is packed with green this and green that, and advises on “how to go back to basics”. Well, in Casco Antiguo (Panama) we did just that…and looks great!

One of Panama´s icons has been under restoration for the last year and finally we can see the results coming along.  It has a wonderful internal courtyard, with a classic Spanish Colonial design and feel. A big carpet of pebble stones covering it with designs in white. Looking closer, you realize the “white pebbles” are not pebbles at all, but bones! Hundreds of cow bones stuck in the ground. According to the historic and archeological research this is exactly how it was done in those days. My dog,  for once,  had a positive opinion on how the design smelled.

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