Monthly Archives: August 2009

Favorable winds for Panamanian Economy

El Economista Regional, a specialized business magazine for the region had a lot to say about Panama. “Panama is one of the few Latin American economies that has projections in positive numbers despite the global crisis.” Why? keep reading. Continue reading

Panamanian Alonso Edward second to Usain Bolt

Alonso Edward hit the ground running and forced Olympic king Usain Bolt to break his own record. Had Usain done his normal time, who knows! gold medal might have had another name on it.. Continue reading

Panamá Cultural Events: National Theater Young Opera

Panama Casco Viejo For Sale Panama Casco Antiguo For Rent Historic Real Estate by Iranovy Grenald (Excerpt from La Prensa) For 4th consecutive years, young voices come to the National Theater. It was the soprano Nicole Puga and the Baritone Ricardo Velásquez, both from Panama, and Spanish Tenor Gabriel Blanco, who created the concert “Young Opera”. This Lyrical event is to benefit the Fundaniños, and to a Women foundation that provides economic and psychological support to the Panamanian childhood .

Can´t Save Yourself From Love

Great jazz is sprouting from the poorest areas in Panama. Raw talent and a wonderful program are turning this country into the next cultural hub. Continue reading

Be Organic, Build With Bones

Everyone has been trying to figure out how to be greener than the neighbor. To be “organic” … well, be careful with what you wish… Continue reading