Art Marathon: Graffitti at Historic City in Panama

By Iranovy Grenald (excerpt from la Prensa)During this weekend in the streets of Casco Antiguo around the construction fence of Hotel Central, we were witness of a peculiar kind of art; Around twenty artists called by SembrArte through emails and in the web (Facebook) they joined their strenght in order to get together this weekend and paint a mural in the perimeter fence of the hotel.

Between one color and another, some of the artists explained that this is no a street protests. Perhaps ia a way to invite the meditation about the changes that attacks the patrimonio and the country identity.

One of the artists name Rolando de Sedas said that this art marathon should end on Saturday but because of the rain was extended until Sunday. His work in the mural, plump and delicates women, refers to the buildings of Casco Antiguo: bigs but delicates.

A few steps away, Andrea calvo and Angie Tryhane, they don´t stop painting. Angie paints a nucleus that in the center protects an obelisk of Plaza de Francia and Andrea did the same with the America´s Bridge.

Decorate the neighborhood is a mission, they said, and because of that next weekend during the Music Fest that will be in Casco Antiguo they will come again and paint around the fence of what it once was one of the most beautiful hotels in Panama.

Pictures taken by Patrizia Pinzon

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