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Schedule for Panama´s Music Fest: who plays when and where?

Saturday 20th is the date… Starting at 3:00 p.m. hopefully until late night! See the schedule with hours in the picture here. Continue reading

Panama Growth at 2.5% during 2009

A bit under the estimated 3% but definately better than other countries in Latin America (Mexico is at -8.2% according to La Prensa, Costa Rica at -4.8%), Panama seems to be holding its ground during this difficult period. Hope is on the way: Raúl Moreira from the Colegio de Economistas de Panama told La Prensa that there can still be an important recovery through the Colon Free Trade Zone on the second half of the year. The country continues to receive foreign investors. According to a note at Martes Financiero, the Colombian company Ferrasa S.A. is expanding operations. They acquired … Continue reading

Art Marathon: Graffitti at Historic City in Panama

Tropical graffitti takes over construction fences in Casco Antiguo, Panama… Continue reading

Fried is Back! Casco Antiguo´s new art restaurant

I think we all agree fried food has gotten beat up in the last few years. But a new restaurant in Casco Antiguo is going to the rescue… Continue reading

Music Invades Casco Antiguo June 20th

Music Fest is here. June 20th, Casco Antiguo will be invaded by jazz, tropical music, rock, folk, classic and more. Check out the logistics and schedule here! Continue reading

Boozy Sunday Pleasures at Panama

What´s the Panamanian thing to do on Sundays? Continue reading

Panama Events: Super Gourmet B.B.Q.

Casco Viejo For Rent Casco Antiguo For Sale Real Estate at Panama´s Historic City   Dear Customers: After our first awesome “Night Event” Super ¨G¨ wants to invite all of you again. This coming saturday, June 6th. From 4:00 p.m. until 9:00 pm. We will have our delicious home made Hamburgers, Chicken and Shrimp Kababs, German Sausages, Cole Slaw. Of course cold beers, wine, cocktails, and jelly shots. Don`t miss it !   Joanna M. Carrasco Super Gourmet Casco Antiguo Tel. 212.3487 / 6618.9059

Bikinis under Panama´s Presidential Palace

Under the “Only in Panama” Category… I think sunbathing under the Presidential Palace beats most tourism- marketing slogans! Continue reading