Panama´s healthcare 50% less than USA

Health insurance and general health care seems to be one of the most stressful issues in the United States today. With hundreds of thousands of workers laid off last year, and health problems on the rise – many of them without coverage, people are looking outside for options.

Martes Financiero at La Prensa last Tuesday published a comparison chart of what Panama has to offer. For example, Bypass in the States can cost up to $133,000 dollars. Replacing a knee might be $53,000 and even cosmetic intervention can be up to $16,000.  Health insurance, even with international cover (and depending on your health situation) might be as low as $70 per month.

But what about quality? While public health care is a national disaster, private health is competitive at an international level. A wide number of doctors that attend privately have studied in the States, some even exercise there (especially surgeons), operating regularly at hospitals in Houston.   US hospitals like John Hopkins have now a branch in Panama.  However,  a bypass hin Panama costs $10,500, a knee replacement is $5,500 and facial surgery is $2,500.

It seems that Panama is almost 50% cheaper than the States and quality isn´t compromised.  Dental work seems to be also popular.  According to the article, there are companies like Medical Tourism Panama and Pana- health are dedicated to provide services to the foreign patient, from travel arrangements to accomodation, transportation, and of course, hospital services.

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