Monthly Archives: April 2009

Budget and Fun: Panama´s lifestyle

Visit a world heritage site second only to Jurassic Park for $300 or less. Or just hike around the numerous jungles, caves and lake areas of the Panama Canal either for free or for $35 on a guided group. Stroll at the Casco Antiguo Flea Market and end up at a free theatre play at the Anita Villalaz theatre. This is what Panama has to offer for the ones who are ready to take things easy. Continue reading

Panama´s mega investments continue… recent photos

Panama mega investments are going forward full steam ahead. With the Presidential elections coming up next week, the current President Martin Torrijos Espino is eager to cut the ribbons and inaugurate it. Check out this recent aerial photo showing the big park extending through the coast. This long strip of green connects “modern Panama” with the old colonial city of Casco Antiguo. Continue reading

Budget and Romantic: 10 Great things about Casco Antiguo

Magazines sell you a bunch of stuff you don´t need by trying to convince you that it is the only way to be cool or happy. For me, these 10 things are what makes my Casco Antiguo lifestyle wonderful. Continue reading

Panama´s healthcare 50% less than USA

Health care in Panama can be 50% cheaper than in the States. Most doctors have trainned in the States and even practice surgery there on regular basis. With medicare dropping coverage, Panama´s health tourism seems to be on the rise. Continue reading

Cuba and Panama: a powerful combo

Obama´s partial lift of the Cuban embargo proposes interesting possibilities. How to get the best out of it? Continue reading

Panama will continue to grow according to United Nation´s Report

Check out the latest United Nation´s report regarding Latin America´s growth for 2009 Continue reading

Casco Antiguo Local Art Life

Slowly, organically, through patience and passion, Casco Viejo has grown to be Panama´s point of reference not only to experience the roots of the country but for most art events, concerts and shows. Continue reading

Surviving the crisis with a Panama Hat

Panama is on the move to protect the country as much as possible from the current economic crisis. For the last three years, Panama´s diversified economy and strong, conservative banking system has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing economies in the region, with numbers as far as 10% a growth reached only by countries such as China.Worldwide, this year has been very different for everyone. But Panama’s advantage over the region may survive … Continue reading

Panama´s Macro Infrastructure Investment at Full Speed

With Presidential elections coming up in May, Panama´s current government seems to have given green light to speed things up. Major projects like the expansion of the Panama Canal and the multimillion investment at the Cinta Costera seem to be moving faster each day. Continue reading

Dance Open Doors to Children at Pioneer Program in Casco Antiguo

Casco Antiguo is growing as Panama City´s art center. But not only from the outside… but from the inside. A new program now teaches dance for free to local children, with one of the best modern dance troupes in the region. Continue reading