Monthly Archives: March 2009

Panama Events: Fashion Fest in Casco Viejo gathers great food and good looking girls!

Sexy girls and fantastic criollo food met last weekend in Casco Viejo. What else can you ask for a perfect weekend? Continue reading

Cheap, Fun and Eco Friendly: Nature trips in Panama with Local Clubs

Who said you have to pay gazillion dollars to enjoy nature? One of the things I enjoy living here is that I can choose from a range of activities, joining local clubs that regularly go to the unexplored corners of Panama, just for fun. Continue reading

Meaningful Traveling: Bring Hope to the places you Visit

When talking about investments and multiplying effects, most news today focus on pesimistic information. It is good to know beforehand your vacations in Panama can have such a positive impact with so little. Continue reading

Traveling to Panama soon?

Finding out what to do in Panama during your vacations might take an effort in putting together the pieces, as there is no common forum where to post events. So if you are planning to travel soon, take notice of the following events at Panama´s colonial quarter (Casco Antiguo), courtesy of the Oficina del Casco Antiguo Continue reading

From Green to Green: Military Base at Panama Turned Into International Business Park

Several military bases along with infrastructure and services where handed over by the Torrijos- Carter Treaty in year 2000. What has Panama done with them and how are they playing in the international economic crisis? Continue reading

Friday Fun for Free at Panama (or almost!)

No money to party? not a problem in Panama!!!! Continue reading

Casco Viejo Community Has New Website

The website is a reflection of everything Casco Antiguo is: a mixed, vibrant community. Full of art, color and flavor. Continue reading

Feminas at Casco Viejo!

Celebrate Women´s Day with good jokes, art and music! Continue reading

Young Crowd hitting Panama for affordable lifestyle

For some of the young professionals I met, Panama was a two year adventure, a strategy to wait until things get settled. And within Panama, Casco Viejo ranked the highest on lifestyle and opportunities Continue reading