Panama News: US Marines Invade Casco Antiguo

If you have followed my blog, you might already know Aprojusan. It is a local NGO that runs a very good after school program for poor children in Casco Viejo, teaching them art, pottery and fun games, at the same time that monitors their school work, help with homework and even provide health check ups and dentist treatment.  They where ready to expand their program, but strugling to get resources to adapt the new space donated by the Casco Antiguo developer Conservatorio S.A. at Santa Familia on Fourth Street and A Avenue in San Felipe, Casco Antiguo.

Luckily, the word got out that a ship from the Marines was crossing the canal and that they would gladly donate their time and strenght to help out.  So… believe it or not for a full day, Casco Viejo got invaded by US Marine troops from the SS Saturn.  Well organized and running like only the army knows how, they got most of the hard work done in a few hours. And thanks to them, Aprojusan has been able to run this week their first pottery classes.

Thanks so much guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    You are the best!!!!

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  1. With all the horrors of US intervention over the last century, this is one form of invasion that I may be glad to see.

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