Panama featured at latest GQ Magazine

The latest GQ magazine under features Panama and Casco Viejo under the article “The Up and Coming Travel Spots for Down and Out Times”. Since they don´t have an online version, I´ll post some of the comments here. It mentions Canal House as one of the best places to stay, along with Los Cuatro Tulipanes.

About the Casco Viejo, it says: ” Imagine if New Orleans had ignored the French Quarter for a century” …. “Now the neighborhood vibrates with the rough energy of transition. Local blasts reaggeton beats into the street while nearby chauffered SUV´s drop off an international set at Manolo Caracol which has an ever changing menu of whatever´s fresh and the Morrocan themed Indigo Lounge & Bazar ” “In a couple of years, Casco Viejo will be filled with hotels. But right now, your options are apartment rentals (nice apartments as little as $1000 per week), a dorm style youth hostel and three elegantly appointed rooms at Canal House.

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