Fiesta! Panama´s Festival Calendar

carnival-compoundFiesta! This upcoming week is Panama´s most beloved holiday: Carnivals.  It is said to be the only thing Panamanians take seriously. The city will plan way ahead, committees will actually get their work done. People will forget about global warming, financial crisis and just party their heads off.
But more than a simple five day party, it is a huge economic engine for all provinces outside Panama City. They bet it all on Carnivals. Their queens are fantastic, most parades (Las Tablas leading the way) are very elaborate, and compete between towns to attract people.

For some,  Carnivals are too extreme. However, visiting a country during its special holidays is the best way to enjoy a trip. So here is a calendar with the different religious and non religious festivals which can come in handy if you are planning a trip to Panama soon.

Feb 21-22: Afroantillean Fair at Panama City
Feb 7 to March 1st: Jesús Nazareno de Atalaya, Veraguas
March 5-8:  Darien Fair in Santa Fé, Darien
March 7th: San Juan de Dios at various provinces.
March 12-22: international Fair of David, Chiriquí
March 13-15: Calobre Fair at Veraguas
March 18-22: San José de Tolé Fair, Chiriquí.
March 18th: San Felipe Festival in Portobello, Colón
March 26 to April 5: Colón Fair, Colón
April 2nd: San Francisco de Padua Festival in Río de Jesús at Darien
April 8-12: Boquete Orchid Fair at Chiriquí.
May 3: Nuestro Señor de los Milagros, La Mesa, Veraguas
May 13: San Isidro Festival in various provinces.
May 16th: Religious Festival of Cativa, Colón
May 22: Santa Rita Festival at Colón.

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