The Panama Kiss

From January 8th to the 23rd, Carlos Weil Art Gallery will host an art show featuring their best antiques of the Canal times: bonds, paintings, photographies and even music scores. The event will be held at Las Bovedas art gallery in Casco Viejo, from January 8th to the 23rd.

Carlo´s gallery is known in Panama for his fine work with the indigenous, where his good eye for art mixes well with their skills for wood work, weave and tagua sculpture. His store is always filled with original and sophisticated pieces of furniture, paintings and even jewelry made out of the tropical and ever lasting tagua nut.

A history aficionado, and should I say apasionado, his collection always bring a fresh eye into Panama´s history, portraying unusual pieces that range from the very formal (like the Canal Bonds) to the very sensual (check out his “Kiss Between the Seas” collection)

So don´t miss it if you are in town!

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