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Casco Antiguo Back to the Future

Living in Casco Viejo is like living in a time machine, but one that goes back to go forward. Weirdly enough, that is exactly what we do here! The fun thing is that, depending on how deep you dig, you can find that the same questions may have had different answers, depending on when it was asked. Yes, it sounds too much like today´s economic policies, I agree! but here is an example… Continue reading

Conde Nast Traveler and Budget Traveler feature Panama

Why travel to Panama on 2009? Conde Nast Traveler and Budget Travel Magazine give their opinions on this thriving Latin American country. Continue reading

Summer Romance takes over Casco Viejo, Panama

Romantic, chill out weekend at Casco Viejo. Jazz fest at one plaza, art auction at other. Historic streets coming alive, summer at its best! Continue reading

Art Event at Panama City´s Historic District

Only one day left for the free outdoor concert at the Panama Jazz Festival in Casco Viejo. Paralel to the concert, an interesting auction is taking place. Check it out! Continue reading

About Cats And Dogs in Casco Antiguo

What about owning a pet in Casco Viejo? this is my first experience with a dog, and not a small one! Continue reading

Live Art Show at Panama´s Jazz Fest and Important Announcement for Musicians

The Panama Jazz Fest isn´t only about a world class music event. It is also the vehicle for top class education and scholarships that wouldn´t reach these students otherwise. To help raise funds, a new event is taking place! Continue reading

The Panama Kiss

Sensual, sophisticated and historically correct, Carlos Weil´s art shows are always fun to go to. Don´t miss his newest event! at Casco Antiguo, of course… Continue reading

Inspirational thought to start new year 2009.

When thinking on our corporate Christmas present, I came to the conclusion (pretty obvious) that this wasn´t just any cheery Christmas, but a very sensitive one. Looking around, I found this phrase that suddenly clicked in my mind as the correct one:

Continue reading