Miami Art Basel and Casco Viejo Panama

Just came back from Miami Art Basel. These fairs are great because it is like an open discussion not only on social issues but on what beauty is for each one. Thinking about all this and meditating about what Casco Antiguo has to offer I got to the conclusion that even when Casco Antiguo has beautiful buildings, parks and scenes, nothing beats the authentic beauty of its people. And not beauty in the conventional magazine-model type but on the beauty of feeling just great even if you are wearing hair rolls that are twice the size of your head. And orange.

The other day we came back home and night and there was this woman just walking down the street. She was, as a Latinamerican writer one wrote: an etruscan jar, alias, really big. Especially at the hips, for which most latin women are famous for. Let´s just say this one was really remarkable. She almost took an entire lane of the street. But the amazing thing wasn´t her size…

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