Christmas in Panama

One of the fondest memories I have of Christmas is going to visit my grandmother ( a former Casconian, waaaayyyy back when…) and spend hours either making or playing with the Christmas Model Town. We call it “el nacimiento” which in few words describes a small town made out of toys featuring the Christian nativity scene. You could go all the way up with those things, there where those who took the entire garage in their homes and did a real mini Israel out of it.

My grandmother’s was more fun, of course, as it had all our toys as the shepherds and other characters. It was quite puzzling for others to see in the same town Jesus, several Dinosaurs (what would people say today with all this fuzz about Intelligent Design vs Darwin!!!) , our Transformers and Star Wars collection, and those little green plastic figurines of army soldiers which we liked to melt at the backyard with our amplifying lens and throw from the roof in parachutes made out of napkins. Yes, I enjoyed my childhood tremendously.

So here I was, all grown up, salivating at this amazing nativity scene at the Canal Museum. It was made with great care and I´m sure historically correct. But however, all I could see in my mind was the dinosaurs and Darth Vader jumping in the little “lake” made out of broken glasses and glitter…

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

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