James Bond News: Director Marc Forster talks about filming in Panama.

Last night (finally!) I went to see Quantum of Solace. The line was unbelievable, even if we went half hour early which we thought was enought to get tickets. Everyone was so excited, and the reason is simple: a big chunk of the habitants of Panama City where either working as staff or as extras in the movie, so everyone was there.

After the first action scene that leaves you breathless and with your heart on your mouth, I could focus on figuring out what was filmed where, and who could I see that I knew. I was incredibly pleased to discover how Casco Viejo looked under Marc Forster´s eye: it was very raw in some scenes (specially Calle 17)… full story here!

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  1. Casco Viejo is a great part of Panama City, it was fun when the movie was being filmed.

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