Chillin´in Casco Antiguo, Panama

Economic crisis? Markets crashing? ecological disasters and our world collapsing? well… not in Santa Ana, Panama. Here, time seems to have stopped completely (well, almost) allowing you time to hear the breeze between the leaves and play checkers.  Yes, that´s right, play checkers. Or backgammon!

I have to say I fell in love with these guys last Sunday. I mean, really… the world is going so fast and news are always gloom. People are living in the eye of several hurricanes and had forgotten how it used to feel not to be in there. And while I was walking around thinking about all the economic news, I ended up in Santa Ana, and suddenly my blood pressure dropped down, I started breathing better and I smiled.  They say petting a dog lowers your blood pressure, but these guys might get you killed!

And I thought, all things considered if I was in the middle of the economic hurricane, with debts to my neck and hardly getting by with $5,000… wouldn´t I be better off getting out and coming here to wait it out, where those same $5,000 can buy a cook, maid, chofer, apartment in San Felipe, spending money and time to play backgammon with these guys on Sundays or if not, just hang out at the beach?

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