Monthly Archives: November 2008

Casco Antiguo, Panama: an outdoors school

Like the Greeks, the Chinese and so many others back in their time, Panamanian students at Casco Antiguo´s public schools walk around the historic city to learn about their history “first hand”. To see them enjoying history brings history itself alive, and the Casco once again, proves itself not to be a dead museum but a fully alive witness of our history. Continue reading

Two cities, same vision

Urban revitalization is one of those things that can be understood several ways. Everyone has an opinion and a vision, but time is the ultimate judge. This is an article worth reading about the theme, exposing some interesting paralels with Casco Antiguo in Panama. Continue reading

Chillin´in Casco Antiguo, Panama

I have to say I fell in love with these guys last Sunday. I mean, really… the world is going so fast and news are always gloom, I rather be with them. And I thought, all things considered if I was in the middle of the economic hurricane, with debts to my neck and hardly getting by with $5,000… why not? Continue reading

James Bond News: Director Marc Forster talks about filming in Panama.

Panama finally saw the debut of Quantum of Solace, James Bond´s latest movie. For the country it was an amazing experience, this was the first time we had the opportunity to work with such a big and professional production. So how was it for the James Bond crew to work here? check out the videos of Marc Forster and Executive Producer Callum McDougall talking about their experience, and even Ana Endara (the Panamanian girl who worked in Casting here) on the “bolivians”…. Continue reading

Obama and Panama: where do we go from here?

Obama´s election was cheered by everyone. However, there is so much stuff to fix at home, so many sacrifices to be made… so much hard work. What about Panama? Casco Viejo? what are the advantages, the choices?

Continue reading