Travel Panama October: Where to go, what to do in Casco Antiguo

Panama, Casco Antiguo
Casco Viejo, San Felipe

Plaza Catedral at Casco Viejo

Plaza Catedral at Casco Viejo

October is a special month for Casco Antiguo, as it is the 100th anniversary month of Panama´s National Theatre. It started with the Pink Ribbon campaign (totally unrelated to the Theatre, however!) for breast cancer awareness, but it will continue with more interesting activities such as a special Gala Performance by the National Ballet of La Bayadere (featuring Alexa Gutierrez from Panama and Ivana Kozomara from Belgrado) and Madame Butterfly.   The first one is for free and the second one has tickets up to $100.

Outdoor concerts will have their share too with the Panamanian Author´s Festival, and independent music concerts like the Cuban artist X Alfonso, who is the author of the music at the film Habana Blues.

So don´t forget to check the events calendar!

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