Panama Art Event: Panama´s National Ballet celebrates Theatre 100th Anniversary with La Bayadere, In Casco Antiguo

Panama, Casco Viejo
Casco Antiguo, San Felipe

Last night was the opening night of Panama´s National Ballet performance of La Bayadere (known also as Bayaderka), the famous ballet from Marius Petipa where Prince Solor marries Princess Gamzatti, although he is really in love (and had sworn loyalty) to Nikiya, the temple dancer.

As many ballets from the romantic era, this one has all the elements: a very romanticized “kingdom in Arabia” with exotic customs in bright colors and equally colorful characters and at some point in the plot someone dies – of course- and the next act is danced under the moon in a contrasting scene of only blues and whites. In the particular case o Bayadere, after Solor realizes his mistake, in pain for the death of his beloved Nikiya he surrenders to the effects of the opium. Under it´s long tail of smoke, dancers appear as if they where in a dream, and only there he is able to meet Nikiya.

Alexa Gutierrez, from Panama, danced on Nikiya´s roll, one of my favorite I´ve seen from her so far. We danced Bayaderka together (loooong ago!!!!) when we where still part of the troupe, so it was a lot of fun to see her as soloist and the new “troupe” trying to coup up with the difficult coreography. Her counterpart, Ivana Kozomara from Belgrado, did a good job as the arrogant Gamzatti.

The performance was enjoyable and free! so don´t miss the next two nights. They are still on tonight and tomorrow. See more events in my Casco Viejo Calendar.

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