Monthly Archives: September 2008

Casco Viejo, Panama´s own mini Havana Vieja

I first visited Havana Vieja in Cuba around 1996. It was a very interesting trip from which I learned a lot about our common roots, despite our different current political lives. Culture and architecture reflects our spirits… Continue reading

James Bond´s Quantum of Solace announces World Premier!

So the countdown for Quantum of Solace has begun! Everyone in Casco Viejo is bitting nails… when! when!!!!! we certainly want to see Daniel Craig, but more importantly… we want to see ourselves!!!! Continue reading

Travel Panama: African and Christian Religious Celebrations meets at Casco Antiguo

Ever since the slavery trade times, African traditional religions have been concealed by their followers under Christianity… for obvious reasons. Today, many, many years later, the reminiscent are still there. And in Casco Viejo, very much alive! Continue reading

Book Awareness Week at Casco Antiguo, Panama

A classic Monday morning in Casco Viejo: I was on the phone and at the same time answering emails (or deleting early spam… somehow the prince of Mombatu is still considering sending me at least $200,000 directly to my bank account, no papers signed) when suddenly a loud noise started to approach. “Drums…. Drums in the deep”… I thought, just like the Lord of the Rings episode when the good guys where about to get attacked by ugly orks. Continue reading

US Market Crushes… Panama Market Raises?

Last week the world went bananas on the trade market. A rollercoaster that has more than one at the edge of a heart attack, it has been really worrysome for all of us to see gigants fall and take with them everything they can. Markets in Asia, Japan and Europe have been affected. In Panama, however, things have been slightly different. Continue reading

Traveling to Panama at the ends of September, beginnings of October?

The second “Panamanian Author´s” music festival has just started, and of course, it is in Casco Antiguo. Check out the next concerts, most of them at Casa Gongora, but also there will be one at Plaza Catedral and at the National Theatre. Continue reading

World Food Scarcity vs Urban Agriculture: The Casco Antiguo Green Attempt

When Al Gore launched his “ Inconvenient Truth” he touched many nerves world wide. Liked it or not, people reacted in such a way that has forced all relevant presidential candidates to take note of these issues seriously. But what can we do as a community to confront food and energy crisis? here is the Casco Antiguo green attempt… Continue reading

Panama News: World Bank announces $400 Million Dollar Financing for the Panama Canal Expansion

The World Bank is investing heavily in Panama. Yesterday, they announced that they are considering a $400 million dollar financing for the Panama Canal Expansion project. Continue reading

Travel Vacation: Panama´s Most Romantic Getaway Trip

Panama is a very romantic place if you put it together right. How to organize a romantic and interesting getaway? This combination of history, ethnic experience, beach and mountain is my personal favorite! Continue reading

Travel New York Times Features Casco Viejo Panama and Canal House Hotel

“A Cultural Cornerstone” is today´s New York Times travel article about Casco Viejo, Panama, featuring our favorite hotel Canal House Panama as editor´s pick and businesses like Karavan Gallery and Indigo Restaurant. I love it when people visit, but the best for me is to live here… Continue reading