Secret Beach at Casco Viejo, Panama

 Panama, Casco Viejo
Casco Antiguo, San Felipe

Santo Domingo Beach is the closest beach in Panama City and Casco Viejo´s best kept secret. It isn´t the white super duper white type, but a natural tan color (that doesn´t kill your eyes with the sun´s reflection) and lots of personality. In its old days, the Club Santo Domingo used to be where the current basketball (and everything ball) courtyard is, and even had a pier for small cayuco boats that served local fishermen. The endless rock carpet is home for clams and other molluscs.  On low tide, the beach strip is a great place to hang out, and (as you can see) it gets “crowded” on Sundays when the local beisball or volleyball team is playing.

The only drawback: the water is contaminated as the sewer system empties directly into the ocean, as many old cities did back in the days. However, with the Cinta Costera project (which has already started to put the pipes in) this problem will be corrected as it is redirecting everything to a treatment plan. Studies say that we´ll be able to wear our bikinis in less than 8 years.  Well, in fact, locals not only swim but surf at this beach, so I guess it can´t be that bad! I still wouldn´t recommend eating the clams and molluscs from here, though!

These are pictures from last Sunday, when the local beisball league played. While everybody in the city was trapped at home, in Casco you can walk out to the beach and enjoy.

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