Panama Surf: Samantha´s Story by Miriam Butterman

Samantas Story – Project Las Bovedas

Casco Viejo,  a surfer´s paradise?
Project: Las Bovedas Surf Club
By Miriam Butterman

Casco Viejo is in a constant state of change. Call it restoration or call it tourism, either way it is a transformation. In the process of translating this “Old City” into a new experience, there are long time residents who maintain their connections with small but significant corners of the old city, where old friendships die-hard, and where some faithful dwellers want nothing more than to share their familiarity with newcomers.

One such resident is a young national athlete, Enilda  “Samanta” Alonso. When Samanta was seven, she followed neighborhood kids to a small corner of the old city called “Las Bovedas” where land meets sea, and there she discovered the power of the wave.
A recent conversation with Samanta, and a stroll along Las Bovedas, brought light to the many layers of Casco Viejo, and a young woman’s desire to see the Old City, its residents, and guests reunite with a very unique coastline.

Samantha´s Story:
Samanta is now and always has been a resident of San Felipe…

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