Simply Amazing! Panama´s “Die Hard”

 Panama, Casco Viejo
Casco Antiguo, San Felipe

I swear I had this great-very-serious article about the gas refinery projects that are coming to Panama, but someone just sent me this amazing picture and I just couldn´t help it. Check it out and you´ll see what I mean. Yes, again… it is my tomato fixation. Someone suggested I needed to seek professional help. I´ve been searching in the web for help groups, but seem not to find any, so I´ll guess I´ll have to create a group by myself. I´m struggling here to find the right name…

But take a look at this picture and tell me it is not one of the most incredible things you´ve seen. I´m no scientist here, but from my work at Smithsonian I learned about survival techniques plants use to keep themselves into the gene pool and not die before they reproduce (which is also good for animals). But this is like a Bruce Willis “Die Hard” movie version! almost the Kama Sutra of tomatoes showing off an upside down pose! Think about it: this guy managed to # 1 germinate and develop from a dark hole in a brick wall (this is pretty awesome on itself) #2 gather strength to grow normally even if up side down and in lack on any real soil and # 3 bear tomatoes and therefore propagate as a species. Some charitative soul interested probably on eating the tomato put a little string so it wouldn´t fall on its own weight. However, I get the sense this guy is stronger than you might see at first glance. Can you imagine doing the same as a human? fat chance!

Casco Viejo tomato growing out the wall, literally

Casco Viejo tomato growing out the wall, literally

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