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Simply Amazing! Panama´s “Die Hard”

I swear I had this great-very-serious article about the gas refinery projects that are coming to Panama, but someone just sent me this amazing picture and I just couldn´t help it. Check it out and you´ll see what I mean… Continue reading

Simply Amazing!

Panama, Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo, San Felipe I swear I had this great-very-serious article about the gas refinery projects that are coming to Panama, but someone just sent me this amazing picture and I just couldn´t help it. Check it out and you´ll see what I mean. Yes, again… it is my tomato fixation. Someone suggested I needed to seek professional help. I´ve been searching in the web for help groups, but seem not to find any, so I´ll guess I´ll have to create a group by myself. I´m struggling here to find the right name… But take a look … Continue reading

Panama Real Estate: How to purchase an unrestored building in Casco Viejo?

I want to restore a building, what do I need to know? Buying and renovating a building in Casco Antiguo is an enjoyable, and sometimes profitable, venture that will be enhanced by a good understanding of the process and issues involved. We hope that the following steps are a helpful guide.

Continue reading

Panama History: Casa Gongora, before and after

The oldest inside joke in Casco Viejo is that it isn´t a colonial city at all. As a matter of fact, Continue reading

Panama Real Estate: Buying an Apartment in Casco Viejo

Buying a restored apartment is one of the best investments you can make in Casco Viejo. It is an almost risk free enterprise where your costs are known and very little variation occurs. Also, you can get it rented almost immediately and your big gain is in the appreciation, so you can legally “sit on it” forever. But there are a couple of things you need to know. Continue reading

Panama Events: La Casona says Goodbye!… and Welcome!

For the last two years, La Casona de las Brujas has been the center of the Panamanian bohemian scene. The space located at the old Maria Imaculada School near Plaza Herrera served as art gallery, concert hall, disco, art school for local children and just the favorite afterhours neighborhood hang out. They just closed their doors… but are opening again. Find out where! pictures of the big party. Continue reading

Panama History and Culture: Casco Antiguo´s 100 Years Old National Theatre

Panama´s National Theatre was literally born with the Republic. The need to build it was at the first Gacetas Oficiales in 1903 – 1904 along with main stuff like a Presidential Palace and public bathrooms. It was the heart of social life and culture. Today, we celebrate its 100 year anniversary with a bit of history and wonderful events in August and October. Check out my Virtual Tour! Continue reading

Casco Viejo Events: From opera to photography shows

Panama, Casco Antiguo Casco Viejo, San Felipe August seems to start with great enthusiasm. It is the National Theatre´s 100 year anniversary, plus other events are at hand. Here is the latest on cultural events in the Casco: August 7th with a concert to commemorate the Artist´s Day. August 8th: Ttu Concert. German jazz band playing along with panamanian bands. Tickets at ExedraBooks. $25, $20 and $15 August 28th, the soprano Nicole Puga will sing in a gala from the Fundación Bel Canto. October 1st: The National Orchestra performance October 6th to the 8th: National Ballet will perform Bayadere. October … Continue reading

Panama Art: Collectors attention… Fundacion San Felipe´s annual Art Auction in August

We received a flash note from Quintessentially announcing the next “Silent Auction” of Fundacion San Felipe. This is an excellent opportunity to get the best pieces of Panamanian painters but also Latinamerican art from Colombia and Venezuela, and plus, help a good cause. Continue reading

Panama News: The Director of Casco Antiguo gets interview at La Prensa

The Oficina del Casco Antiguo has been quite busy. From cultural events to the urban planning of the Casco there are very few aspects where they aren´t present. It´s Director is a dinamyc architect with a passion for historic cities, which makes it perfect. In this interview, he speaks about the train project , the advances against speculation, the controversial projects at Hotel Central and the old Club Union. Continue reading