Panama News: Tram Service in San Felipe and Santa Ana

Casco Viejo, San Felipe

Panama City, Panama

One of these days, the headline in La Prensa might read, “Tram Service in Casco Antiguo Returns”. That would be something to get excited about. The first trams in 1893 were electric. You can still see the original tracks on Avenida Central starting from Calle Segunda all the way past Santa Ana Plaza to the end of the walking portion of Avenida Central. In the early days, trams competed with horse drawn buggies as a mode of transportation. Allen Morrison, author of The Tramways of Panama Cityhas included a number of interesting black and white photos of the trams. Trying to recognize the buildings in the background is quiz material for Panamanian historians. Cars and buses present major traffic and parking problems in historic cities, especially if there are narrow streets. Trams could be a picturesque solution.

Trams at Casco Antiguo

Avenida Central

Plaza Catedral

Walking Street

When Ave. Central had trams


  1. Dear Sirs, A really interesting articel. Are also photos of the tram=vehicles existing and are there any plans to renew the track in order to raise safety? Best regards J Spors

    • There is a masterplan that includes restoring the tram completely, so it would be safe to ride. It is moving one step at a time though! but it is encouraging to know the local government fully supports the initiative.

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