Panama Event: Casa Cor Panama 2008 Casco Antiguo

Casco Viejo, San Felipe

Panama City, Panama

Most buildings are transformed in Casco Antiguo after two or more years of hard work by architects and contractors, not to mention what developers have to go through. One of the exceptions is the Antiguo Colegio Javier which is part of the Iglesia San Francisco de Asis in Casco Antiguo. In a matter of weeks, hundreds of workmen and designers will transform this building into to a designer showcase. Casa Cor Panama 2008 starts June 9 and runs until July 13 so you have plenty of time to come once, twice, even three times. Last year, the first annual Casa Cors event was held in the Santo Tomas Hospital on Avenida Balboa. Designers from all over Panama took the neglected rooms and imaginatively transformed them into living rooms, bedrooms, libraries, garden areas, luxurious bathrooms, even laundry areas were featured. All we can see is the painting of the façade as it juts out into the bay. It looks better already. Parking is easy; the double deck public parking area is next door. Better yet, if you are from out of town, book a few nights in one of Casco Antiguos bed and breakfast places. Canal House was home to Daniel Craig of James Bond fame, Los Cuatros Tulipanes offers many one and two bedrooms condos. Some of the best restaurants in Panama City are within a block or two of this years Casa Cors event.

Casa Cor 2008

Casa Cor 2008 near Plaza Bol�var

What a difference a Coat of Paint can make

Iglesia San Francisco de Asis


  1. was here!
    Viva los amigos del Panama!

  2. Hi! my cousin, who lives in amsterdam, was looking for Casco Viejo information and found your blog and a picture of one of my paintings. So these are just a few lines to thank you for writing about this events… I´ll keep checking your blog to keep myself updated!

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