Panama: Casco Antiguo Before and After

Casco Antiguo, San Felipe

Panama City, Panama

The second most visited location next to the Canal in Panama City at Miraflores is Casco Antiguo. Celebrating 335 years of history, Casco Viejo, as it is also known, received the UNESCO Heritage Trust designation in 1997. Now eleven years into its restoration, the changes are remarkable. For travelers looking for an authentic experience, come walk the calles of Casco Antiguo, allow plenty of time to restaurant hop after seeing the Church of the Golden Altar, the Arco Chato which played a major role in the decision to make the Canal here, and other site and museums.

To appreciate some of the restored buildings, take a look at this before and after of a magnificent restoration consisting of four properties. This is near the Presidential Compound and visible as one drives into the main part of the old city. I love seeing these little jewels which populate Casco Antiguo being polished by their new owners.

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