Panama Art: Photographer’s Eye

Casco Viejo, San Felipe

Panama City, Panama

As many times as I have walked the Calles of Casco Antiguo, the un-restored buildings in their dilapidated condition are endlessly fascinating. How many times have I pulled out the digital camera to capture the essence of a fading facade? Many. Panamas patrimony with their walls of hand hewn stone such as the Arco Chato and Compañía de Jesus, are the subject for countless photographers as is Club Union, a hulking shell on the Bahia, once the former social club of Panamas elite. Scenes from the upcoming James Bond movie were shot at Club Union as hundreds of locals milled around in cocktail attire waiting for their cue. Kim Corson, former powerhouse attorney turned adventuring sailor, focused his camera a few days ago on the old city. Whether graffiti was found framed or as a mural, both intrigued. In future blogs, more of Casco Antiguos fading beauties beckoning to be restored will be featured.

Framed Grafitti under the Stone Arches

A blend of old and new living in harmony

A Contrast Between the New and Old Panama

Peeking out towards the future

A Beautiful Ruin.

Once a Elite Social Club to become a Hotel

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