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Panama Real Estate: Cinta Costera moving forward.

From Paitilla to Casco Viejo, this project aims to build a huge strip with extra traffic lanes but also with parks and other recreational areas. An ambitious project no one really knew if the company would be able to deliver in three years. Continue reading

Panama Real Estate: Cinta Costera moving forward.

Panama, Casco Viejo Casco Antiguo, San Felipe Every Sunday I do my grocery shop trip to the “outsides”. “Las Afueras” in Spanish, were all the areas outside Casco Viejo. They used to be a mix between country houses (Bella Vista), cattle farm (Paitilla) and mangrove. Either riding on a bus or in a car, I pass by Avenida Balboa which was built on top of all these beauties in the name of progress. My mind wanders back to the historic picture I have in my office and how different both landscape and culture where changed when the city grew. Finally, … Continue reading

Panama Art: Canal Zone documentary competing in Panama´s Bienale to be shown at the Canal Museum in Casco Viejo

Panama´s Bienale is coming up in September. This year it features an interesting and almost unexplored theme: the ex Canal Zone, a controversial area that divided the country in two but also helped build the beautiful cultural diversity that Panama offers as a country today. Learn more! the work will be shown in the most authentic part of Panama: Casco Viejo, located 2 minutes away from it. Continue reading

Coming back home to Casco Viejo after an European “Grand Tour”

A wonderful vacation on Europe gave me a refreshing view of what life and lifestyle is in the old continent. There is so much to learn! Starting to get my thoughts organized… Continue reading

Panama Event: Fiesta de la Música

There are advantages to living in Casco Viejo when a major event is being held there… Continue reading

Panama Expats: Attention!

A suggestion from one of our dear expat neighbors for a flash – blog: it might be of your interest to be reminded that all Americans Expats living in Panama have to report before June 30 to the US Government  any foreign bank account or be subject to a $10,000 fine. You can download the form at  

Panama Art: Photographer’s Eye

As many times as I have walked the Calles of Casco Antiguo, the un-restored buildings in their dilapidated condition are endlessly fascinating… Continue reading

Panama Interviews: Casco Viejo Bien Cuidao’s

All over Panama City, the one thing that is rarely missing on the streets where there is parking is a bien cuidao… Continue reading

Panama Events: CasaCor Panama 2008

This might be Friday the Thirteenth, but it not to worry, there is far too much excitement in Casco Viejo… Continue reading

Panama News: Tram Service in San Felipe and Santa Ana

One of these days, the headline in La Prensa might read, “Tram Service in Casco Antiguo Returns”. Continue reading