Panama, Casco Viejo; Political Campaigns fire up in Casco Antiguo

Panama, Casco Antiguo

Yesterday, running around as I always do, suddenly I saw a big bunch of people dressed
up in purple, yellow and red.  They where filming a commercial for one of the
current presidential candidates for 2009 from an opposition party. I thought two things
where really funny, borderline hilarious about the entire situation: one, that everytime
a political candidate wants to show he is an “authentic panamanian” ends up showing
up and filming in Casco Antiguo, and the other one… who the hell thought about that
combination of colors for a political party?????

I mean, really. So much for political seriousness in this country. I guess both things
says a lot about us!

Of course, I had to go for a “grand entrance” (well, I really had to walk through
the street they where filming, so I might as well do it with class) so I passed through
it, all cameras looking at me and whistling (did I tell you Panamanians are not shy?).
So I took the “carnival queen” approach and pass by smiling, dancing and throwing
kisses to the crowd. Everyone laughing.

I thought to myself, well, there you go. This is exactly how you win elections here!


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