Panama, Casco Viejo: Graffiti Urban Art II: One Man´s Junk is Another Man´s Treasure

Panama, Casco Antiguo

These graffitti pictures were done also by Cisco and Above. I didn´t realize they
went into the Santa Familia building, which we are turning into a huge nursery for
our urban agriculture project in Casco Antiguo. Couldn´t be more appropiate, you can
read this huge “one man´s junk…. another man´s treasure” written in the walls of
the old school.

I wonder if we have done enough to really teach that to our children!!!

Once they asked me what would be the best strategy to make children and the general
public use the trash cans better or more often. I firmly believe that we have to make
them attractive and have kids build their own or paint their own, so it becomes at
the beginning a fashion, then an art and not regarded as that dirty smelly thing I
don´t want to get close to. Same with some messages. We should let good artists highlight
them in the public walls! make them fun, and people will be more open to them.

Enjoy the pictures!

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