Panama, Casco Viejo: Art , Tomatoes and San Felipe´s Aniversary

It almost sounds like the title of an experimental movie! but well, I had so many little pictures and happenings this weekend and upcoming week I couldn´t just “cluster” them in a theme.

First, of course, the tomatoes.  For those of you following my little composting mission, well, my balcony has has started to provide tomatoes! It has been so easy, it is unbelievable. And more is sprouting, I can´t wait to see what is what!

Now, second, but no less important, our friend and artist Miguel Lombardo will have a good photographic exhibition starting this Thursday at La Casona de Brujas. Inaugurates May 30th to June 22nd. The show is a meditation on today´s energy crisis.

Finally, this weekend was the aniversary of the district of San Felipe. It was celebrated out loud with a big fair at Plaza Catedral, a folk music concert and (today) the procesion of Saint Felipe Neri. Of course, with tons of music, yellow balloons and dancing. This town is fun!




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