Caterpillar signed contract with Panama

 Today, at La Prensa there was a very short article with huge positive impact: Caterpillar Signed Contract with Panama.

In less than a paragraph, it mentions that this heavyweight company will move its regional offices to Panama with an investment of 25 million dollars and an impact of 300 jobs. They´ll be installing their offices in the ex- Canal Zone, now called AAEEPP …. (?) which apparently means area Económica Especial Panamá Pacífico…. well, basically in my world that is 15 minutes away from Casco Viejo.

Yes, I know, we are the center of the world, the rest is just the “outsides” …. hey, it is a historically correct remark!

By the way, if any of you know any Caterpillar guys, let them know they can stay at the Canal House Panama on their trips. If they do we´ll send you a present!

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