The Dutch invasion: KLM and even Rembrandt are showing up in Panama!

Panama, Casco Viejo (Casco Antiguo) … San Felipe-

It is official, KLM is already flying back and forth on direct flights to Panama.
I just downloaded something called the timetable, where you can play around with the
dates and destinations and it´s quite fun. Europe used to be so far away! Remember
when poor Columbus had to spend months and months, almost ruin a country and loose
a lot of lives in the way just to get to Dominican Republic? Today, we are there in
less than 14 hours and hopefully no lives at steak.

But KLM isn´t the only “Dutch” around! Netherland´s most celebrated artist, Rembrandt
Harmenszoon van Rijn
(better known as Rembrandt) will visit Panama and will stay
in Casco Viejo from April 17th to June 8th. He isn´t considered only one of the best
portrait painters of all time, but also a fantastic printmaker. And is this part of
his work that will be in exhibition at the Canal Museum at Casco Antiguo.

You can learn more about his life and work at:
and on KLM service at:

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